The symbol of The Order.


The Order is a fighting unit based primarily out of Centrawoven in Warrensburg, MO. The Order is a relatively new unit but has already gained a bit of a reputation for it's teamwork and sexy purple and gold belt flags. The Order emphasizes four key ideas, those being Brotherhood, Excellence, Integrity and Honor.

The Order is not invite only, but if you don't feel like going the extra mile to make the cut, don't even bother asking.

"We're like you, but better!" ~ Kurai

Unit Motto: Primo Victoria!


The Order was founded by Kurai in August of 2011, after his split with his former unit, the Army of Mordor. He quickly bolstered the units ranks with the addition of the local rising talents; Vincente, Greenbean, Rook, Qualms and Dilly. The units first event showing was War of the Iron Fist in September 2011. While they didn't win any tournaments, the unit recieved many compliments on working "like a well oiled machine."



Kurai "It's cause I'm better than you."


Greenbean "God dammit!"

Rook "Oooh, toetaps! Toetaps!"

"Death by a thousand stings with the loss of momentum and the thing is you don't know me, I told you so, brah. DING!"

Qualms "Hob-a-gobba-rin!"

Dilly "What'd you say? No, okay yeah, that's retarded, nevermind."


Velia Lorcan


Saulie Mead-Maker

Sora Shinny

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